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Benefits of Family Support

At Cove we encourage counseling for family members because families are typically the source of support and healing for persons in recovery from mental illness and addiction. Unfortunately, after years of dealing with an a family member who is struggling to manage their behavioral health, most family members adapt to that stress in problematic ways.  Some start to make excuses for that person, and others set expectations that are so extremely high they are unrealistic. Family members often have no experience in managing mental illness and addiction, and they could benefit from structured support and feedback on how to improve communication and adjust expectations. 

We understand that your recovery journey may begin at a time when your family is still feeling the residual effect of the emotional hurt, pain, and anger experienced when your mental health and/or addiction symptoms were unmanaged and recognize that these feelings don’t go away because someone has begun treatment.

Although it’s difficult to repair the damage done in the relationship, it would be even more damaging to continue to carry negative feelings with you. Family counseling helps you to find a resolution, so that you can be at peace with the past and move forward. 

Intervention – Strengthening Families

Outpatient – Family sessions if appropriate

Residential – Family  visitation and family education groups

After-care linkages to AlAnon and community based support



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you help to support a better, healthier community.

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