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Support Services

Offering Support from a Distance

Just because you live far away does not mean that you can’t be part of your loved one’s primary support system. Technology allows us to communicate easily and effectively with our loved ones, regardless of distance. Use it!

Ask your loved one how their treatment is going, about their treatment center program and offer words of encouragement.

One thing that is often forgotten, but means so much to the recovery person, is their sobriety date. Do you know your loved one’s sobriety date? That is the day their life changed! It’s very important to them and should be important to you as well.

Congratulate your loved one when they hit a milestone or anniversary date. Recognize when they celebrate 30 days without using. Trust us, it was probably the longest 30 days of their life!

You also show support by educating yourself in the medication assisted treatment center, the recovery process, and addiction itself. While you can only understand so much, your effort communicates with your loved one that they’re not alone.

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you help to support a better, healthier community.

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