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Residential Services

Residential Treatment for Women and Men

Our adult residential treatment programs provide treatment in an urban setting that supports easy re-entry into the workforce or training programs as well as many of the additional support systems needed for recovery. The focus is on helping our residents to relearn or re-establish healthy functioning, recovery skills and values, as well as to regain behavioral, physical and emotional health. Length of stay in each facility is individualized to suit your treatment needs or recommendation from your referral source, and can be combined with post discharge transition services from our Outpatient department.

Women’s Residential Treatment

Our Women’s Residential Treatment Program accommodates residents in small dorms to encourage building of a therapeutic community. The facility includes a variety of lounge areas, outdoor gazebo and picnic area and much more. To prepare for your stay

Family Treatment Services (FTS),  is a SAMHSA funded program that enables us to work in tandem with community partners to serve pregnant and  post-partum mothers  in need of addiction treatment in a residential setting that provides up to 6 months of support.  The program is family focused and allows residents to reside with their young children during treatment and to prepare them to reintegrate with their families upon discharge. We provide trauma informed, evidence based screening and services to mothers, their partners and children. For more information on this program contact us at

Women/Pregnant Women’s Residential Checklist

Men’s Residential Treatment

Our Men’s Residential Treatment Program provides treatment for adult men in four large dorm areas with inside and outside recreation areas (including a gym, game room and basket basketball court), lounge areas and much more. In addition to building recovery skills, we focus on vocational rehabilitation and also offer access to GED completion classes and other available training opportunities. Our program recognizes the role of family support in treatment and provides, family groups as part of visitation. We also ensure that children have the opportunity to visit their fathers in a safe and inviting environment.

Men’s Residential Checklist

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